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My companjera – Lyrics & Chords (Gogol Bordello)

My Companjera ist der zweite Song aus dem neuen Album von Gogol Bordello „Trans-Continental Hustle“.

Hier der Songtext und Akkorde dazu:

My Companjera Songtext und Akkorde

We stepped together in the river
We traded fever on turmoil
Last time I saw you was in the middle
I wonder if you hit the soil

Where are you now, my companjera?
Your baby claw stuck in my chest
Where are you now, my solitera
Who took you from the nest?

Where are you now, my companjera?
I’m beating bricks from town to town
Where are you now, mysolitera
I’m at my final down

Right through the muzzle came my surrender
I had to tear it off my mind
Then hypothermia took over
And suddenly I went blind


Eat and sleep without desire
Would you like window or aisle?
Oh, miss sky, you ever seen
Warrior that’s more fragile

Jetlag, hangover, malnutrition
You can’t fly in this condition!
And if noone intervene
Out of the window is my mission!

My Companjera Chords

Am F G E

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  1. alexanderam 26.09.2010 um 18:56

    Das ist gut!

    (Only phrase i can say in German ;))

    But anyway thank you for chords and lyrics. The song is good.

    Greetings from Russia )

  2. Kataam 26.09.2010 um 21:11

    Всегда пожалуйста, Александр)

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