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Jukebox Collective: Icon Parade Lyrics (Song aus der Axe Werbung)

Der Song „Icon Parade“ aus der Axe Werbung „Rise Up“, über die wir berichtet haben, stammt von der Band „Jukebox Collective“ aus London, die derzeit ziemlich populär in England ist. Solltet ihr das Lied auch mögen, dann haben wir den Songtext zum Mitsingen für euch exklusiv vorbereitet (Danke an Jukebox Collective).

Icon Parade von Jukebox Collective

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Icon Parade Songtext

On my fingers,
Getting worse

I’ve got cuts from
Making faces,
Swelling up.

I see the little
Creatures dancing,
Having fun.

And then I ask my sister
„Where you watching?“


One and all.
They gather at the same time
Each night.

The pictures in the windows
Tell it all.
You’d better get your story just right.


Old shop
Keeper, stories
He could tell

And I’ve been talking
To him lately,
Just as well.

Because I whitnewssed
Stolen kisses,
Buy and sell.

And then I tell my neighbour
„No more chances.“

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